Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silhouette is southward bound again - finally.

Silhouette is southward bound again - finally.

And we make a different decision.

We usually go off shore to sail south as it is fast and better for us.

Since the weather has been so very awful we make a different decision.  We decide to take Silhouette down the 'ditch' which is the nick name for the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway).

Mark using the advise of friend John Hromadka has downloaded a program called Active Captain.  It is used for comments and navigation tips to and from folks using the ICW to warn of shoaling and many other issues.  As a member you can add comments to warn others of new problems or issues.

So we take off during a small break in the weather to go down river, then head south on the ICW.

Patty and other friends got up early to see us off - bye bye Bridgeton  friends.  Hope to see you in the spring.

Ice floating on the water

Ice floating on the water

Ice and snow on the deck

Ice and snow on the deck

Ice on the windshields

Ice on the windshields

Snow…on the hatches

Snow…on the hatches

Then - snow and ice, again.

Patty and I go grocery shopping on Monday - the next time anyone can safely get off their boat is Friday - here are the pictures.

Chris and a new frog friend.

A new boat pet - Kermit. 

Mark and Chris

Mark and Chris

Chris and Dwight

Earlier I mentioned that our friend Dwight applied the new rub rail to Silhouette but did not have a picture of him to show (after all I was in Texas when he was doing the work) - this is he!

Patty and Chris

Patty and Chris

Happy Hour with friends - Chris and Pete

We stayed for almost a week at Bock Marine (the weather was awful) and decided to go back to Bridgeton Marina to await a weather window.  It is too late in the season and very cold. 

Happy to see some of our friends again we have an impromptu happy hour aboard Silhouette.

Keel Guard

Here we have added Keel Guard (a 3M product) to the bottom of the dinghy.  The fiberglass was repaired before we left last year for the Bahamas.  After only a few months the glass was a bit thin - this fixed the problem.

Splashing Silhouette

Silhouette is finally finished and ready for the water by mid-January.  We put her back in the water and start working on our project list. 

AND - here she is…

Notice that we have also had new graphics made by Ralph's Sign Shop.  The grapes look like grapes again - the final touch to a very well done job.

Back to Beaufort

We fly back to New Bern on 1/8/2014 and go check out the newly painted Silhouette in Beaufort the next day.

Mark is pictured here with Silhouette and our new friend Bruce Mallard.  He is the master Awlgrip painter who did a fantastic job on our hull.  He must be the best painter on the east coast - we have seen no boat with a finer paint job than the one we received.

Dad and me on the 'potato' couch.

Dad and me on the 'potato' couch.

Dad shaving

On New Years Day I caught my Dad shaving.  Dad and I spent a quiet New Years Eve as couch potatoes watching some old western DVD's (John Wayne).  Sharon and Carl went to the Moose club and Mark was outside smoking cigars and talking to the neighbors.

Sharon, Carl and me.

Sharon, Carl and me.

New Year's Eve

On New Years Eve Sharon, Carl, Mark and I took off to check out some marinas.  Fisherman's Village is where we decide to dock the boat for the winter - unfortunately they have a waiting list.  We add our names to the list hoping for an opening by the time we sail around.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cedar Chest

We had a very calm day with rack of pork for dinner.  The cedar chest needed some cleaning - Mark has done some of the work, then everyone else got into the project to get it finished…it looked great when we were done.

The next day we headed for Florida for a short visit with my Dad, sister Sharon and her husband Carl…

Christmas Day 2013

Now it is Christmas Day - we have stayed with Mark's wonderful sister and bro-in-law since November 9th - over 6 weeks  Our plan is to leave the next day and go to Florida.  My Dad, sister Sharon and brother-in-law Carl have all been in North Ft. Myers in a camper.  We are going to horn-in an visit for about 10 days.  The plan is to leave the car there and fly back to New Bern.  Then our car will be the there when we sail Silhouette down for the winter.

Julie and I have had the most marvelous time doing all the holiday cooking, shopping, decorating, making cookies and candies, wrapping presents, etc.  We have agreed that it was the best holiday season we have had in years.

Too bad I only have a picture of this cedar chest instead of the four of us - but that the way it is…camera was not at the ready.

Christmas Mice

Mark mentioned that one of the ladies he used to work with reminded him about the Christmas mice I used to make.  I had forgotten all about them but now I just had to make some - these are heads awaiting the bodies.   

The mouse bodies are maraschino cherries (stem intact) dipped into melted chocolate.  To make the heads - dip the almonds into melted chocolate and stick onto a Hershey's  candy kiss for the ears.  Make these first.  Then dip the cherries (one at a time) into melted chocolate and attach to the head.  Then let them dry and eat at will.  J


We expected to be headed back to North Carolina to pick up the newly painted Silhouette. However as most jobs like these go, the weather did not always cooperate.  One day it was warm enough but the condensation was so bad that they could not paint, etc.  So as it got closer to Christmas (this photo was taken on 12/17) it was decided that we HAD to stay for the holiday.

Julie taught me how to work puzzles in the evening hours we had together.  I had never really liked doing puzzles as they seemed to take forever BUT now that I know the tricks Julie taught me they are a lot of fun..  I am still no expert but a lot better than I used to be.

The front of the house

The front of the house.  Though we visited with Dave and Susan we only took photos of the house…again I am getting really bad at remembering to take photos.

The pool view

You can see the pool to the left and the pool house to the right in this photo.

A room with a view

This is the view out the back of the house.

Susan and Chris in the kitchen

Dave and Susan have been building a new house.  This is the kitchen…a lot closer to being done than the last time we saw it - the original quote day for completion was July 2013, then December now (I think) it is March or April of 2014. 

The Banana Leaf

The one place we love to eat (it is now a tradition) is the Banana leaf on Preston Rd. in Dallas.  It is a Thai restaurant that we started frequenting when Anita (Mark and Julie's Mom) moved from Grapevine to Dallas and loved the food.  Not only is the food great but it is kind of nostalgic too.

By now you probably know these characters…


Chris and Julie in their jammies…Jake and Teddy snuggling in as well.

Bunko Babes (picture not included)

We were snowed in till Sunday when Julie's Bunko Babes had scheduled their Christmas party.  I got to go as a substitute - the ladies are all really nice…they have been playing as a group since their children were in grade school.  We were glad to get out. (No pictures..Rats!)

If a tree falls in the woods…

Some oak limbs from Julie and Roberts tree fell on the neighbors roof due to the weight of the ice but fortunately did no damage.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Ice storm

Then, an ice storm is predicted and Julie and I take the opportunity to make candy, something that is a tradition for her and a new experience for me as I usually make cookies.

December 2013

Christmas is coming…

Shortly after Thanksgiving Julie and I start decorating for Christmas.

Italian Thanksgiving

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Julie usually has her three girls (and respective spouses and/or boyfriends) over for a feast of Italian food.

Pictured here is me, Julie, Laura, Megan and Adrienne.

As usual, I got no photo of the guys…sigh.

The sock…

Not sure I can explain the significance  that the 'sock' plays in our bowling the shenanigans just let be said that is mostly silly and yes, Mark is bowing to the 'sock'.

I guess the SEP - A - RATOR and the sacred 'sock' don't really help much.


These scores are indicative of our supreme expertise.  I'm not sure we could get any worse.

Robert and Julie with Mike and Mitchell in the background.

Robert and Julie with Mike and Mitchell in the background.

The girls…

The girls…

Julie, Kelly Kate, Brenna, Kathleen, Chris, Bekki and Pam.

Chris and Kathleen (Mike and Bekki's daughter)

Chris and Kathleen (Mike and Bekki's daughter)

Michael (Susan Fiorelli's son), Mitchell and Mark

Michael (Susan Fiorelli's son), Mitchell and Mark

Brenna (Susan Fiorelli's daughter) and Kelly Kate

Brenna (Susan Fiorelli's  daughter) and Kelly Kate

Mark and Bosco

Mark and Bosco

The token bowling ball

SEP - A - RATOR was Mike and Al's Dad's bowling ball and has long been an honored piece of gear at our bowling parties.

Robert, Julie and Kelly Kate (Mike and Bekki's daughter).

Robert, Julie and Kelly Kate (Mike and Bekki's daughter).

Bowling 101

Thanksgiving came and went.  Julie and I had fun cooking the usual Turkey dinner with many of the extras and I failed to drag the camera out. 

On Friday after Thanksgiving I organized a bowling party for Mark grade school/high school gang.  I also refer to them as 'The Broken Bow Gang'.  Some of the guys and their respective wives came and the 'kids' are now all grown up.

Mitchell is Dave Fiorelli's son.

Later Mark came by to give me a lift home

Thanksgiving came and went.  Julie and I had fun cooking the usual Turkey dinner with many of the extras and I failed to drag the camera out.  On Friday after Thanksgiving I organized a bowling party for Mark grade school/high school gang.  I also refer to them as 'The Broken Bow Gang'.  Some of the guys came and the 'kids' are now all grown up.

Lunch at Houston's (again)

Vicki, Chris and Mary have the usual lunch at Houston's.

The husbands…

Bryan (Sherri's), Mark (mine) and Mike (Deb's) - we are all lucky gals cause these are three of the best guys!