Saturday, November 14, 2015

s/v Silhouette

Leaving Silhouette slowly …the end of our adventure.  Amazingly we were rarely frightened, found no pirates, only had a few near misses and will remember all the people and places for the rest of our lives!

 It is back to Dallas for us....this is the end of our Blog.  Mark and Chris

Chris and Mark

…in Key West – at almost the beginning of the adventure…

Chris leaving Silhouette slowly...

This has been an absolutely wonderful time in our lives.  We accomplished many things while owning Silhouette.  We learned how to be a master cabinet maker and an expert varnisher.  We used many skills we already had and got really good at others.  We were very lucky to have had this experience and have many family and friends who help us along the way. 
Thanks to all…leaving s/v Silhouette slowly.


Saying goodbye to dock friends

Karen, Kathleen, Chris and Mike – Kathleen and Mike have been around the world and now too are selling their beautiful boat; Content.

Saying goodbye to dock friends

Karen, Jim and Chris


The waterline has come up a bit

Looks like a couple of inches at least.

Leave taking 8/11/2015...

Chris exits Silhouette for the last time…