Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fridge is empty :(

I guess you were right Bob when you said they would eat the horns off a Billie goat – here is our fridge after they left on Easter Sunday – we will miss them, they were great crew.

St Thomas and Charlotte Amalie

We pick the dudes up and motor over to Charlotte Amalie (about ¾ mile) and anchor. We talk them into going to a Sushi restaurant though neither is sure they like Sushi. Well, look out Bob, Rose, Bill and Marge ?? They loved it

The Chicago girls met us at the Sushi place and took off for more fun than we could provide

Text r us

Through the miracle of texting a gazillion times (instead of just making a phone call) the dudes discovered that the three girls they met from Chicago we going to be in Charlotte Amalie at Yacht Haven for the night. We cruised down as well stopping at honeymoon Bay to drop them off for a day on the beach while I took Robert’s credit card to restock beer. Can you imagine that we were totally out of beer…not one remained on the boat…this has never happened before…another first.

Girls on the boat and I missed it....rats...

They came back to the boat for a while (which I totally slept through, though Mark said he heard some giggling). The next day we stopped a Cruz Bay to check into US customs. This time I went to town as well and we had a great HH at the Quiet Mon then went to Café Roma for some of the best Italian food the dudes had ever had. Mark and I had been there before so knew it was delicious - we were delighted that they thourght so too.

3 great gals from Chicago

Then the dudes meet 3 great girls from Chicago at Pirates Cove, in Norman Island and had a wonderful time with them. They are on their Grandparents boat, a 70’ Little Harbor for spring break.

Warranty work snafu

Unfortunately for me I had previously called brother Bob who did a lot of the work on the mast and told him that I had a ‘warranty’ call for him.  Well, now I have to eat crow, again.

 The antenna came with the boat, and the plastic broke not the fastener…hopefully he will cook a little crow for me as I really don’t like the taste.

Oh, and the TV still works without this ‘antenna’ thingy…go figure…

Up the mast

We took off early and sailed to Norman Island. Mark went up the mast to check on the TV antenna which was dangling by its wiring. The dudes did the winching with our brand new self-tailing main winch and I handled the extra safety halyard.

Foosball at the Bitter End...

We moved the boat to the Bitter End and Mark and the dudes went to check it out. I again stayed on the boat and had leftovers for dinner. They played foosball but I believe they had their butts kicked…

Fort what?

Then there was some kind of a ‘fort’ but seems like it was either this that men were working on or that it was recently torn down as we did not find a fort. So we gave up and went back to the boat.

Cody and me

Cody and me

Rock rubble

We scramble down rock rubble (definitely the wrong shoe selection) – Robert and me

The dudes

The dudes

More Copper Mine

The old buildings were very pretty and kind of haunting to see

Cistern...I think

Unlike the states, nothing was actually marked so I am guessing that this was a water cistern.

Copper Mines

Then we went to see the Copper mine (not in working order as you can see) but worth the trip.

Cool rock

Cool rock

Can you drive on the left....I can...

I rented a car and the dudes and I toured Virgin Gorda – I gave them complete license to backseat drive as it was the first time I ever had to drive on the left side. First we went to the baths, which has changed greatly since the last time I visited via land in 1993…can you say tourist trap but beautiful anyway.


The proud fisherman – can you guess what we had for dinner that night?

Can you say dinner?

So, Cody not only lands our first sea fish…but it was a tuna!

At last a fisherman

The next day we sailed from Jost to Virgin Gorda – Cody fished along the way. Mark noticed that the line from the fishing rod was tangled on the dinghy. Just as he cleared that and went over to clear the hand line we heard a fish hit. All hell broke loose, Cody dashed for the rod, Robert dashed for the gaff and Mark was cheering them on while I cleared the cockpit of shoes, towels and anything else that might be ruined by fish blood.

As does Cody.

As does Cody.

Cocnuts are drinks too...

Back at Foxy’s Taboo (near the Bubby Pool) Robert has a cool one from a coconut.


Here is a picture of a cactus along the trail but no pictures were taken at the pool.

Goats are us

Then it was on to Bubbly pool at the east end of Jost – and a picture of the goats…

Coconuts are cool...

Alas they were not yet ripe but they made good use of them anyway.

Nut or coconut...

Cody was intrigued by the coconut trees and just HAD to climb one to retrieve a couple. (Scared the poop out of me!)

Jost Van Dyke

Next stop was Jost Van Dyke to check into the BVI then on to Foxy’s for dinner which was yummy. Robert made omelets the next morning using the leftover lobster.

Frances Bay

The dudes and me – we stopped that night at Frances Bay USVI as we were fishing and that’s where the fishing boats were, but no luck.





Vote for your fave '"Marlon Brando" - Robert...

They all took turns trying to imitate Marlon Brando – vote for your favorite using the comment feature. Robert

Caneel and Cruz Bay

Our first stop was Caneel Bay (for a mooring ball) and Cruz bay for the guys. They stopped at Woody’s first then went our favorite bar (the Quite Mon Pub)…again I stayed behind to make dinner and for a bit of quiet.

Theme in a girls' life...

This has been a theme in my life, me and three guys…

Aftermath of our first snorkel

Aftermath of our first snorkel

I was told they were 'dudes' not guys - first night out

Later, Mark and the dudes took off Mark to Molly Malone’s and the dudes to Duffy’s – much to their dismay, Mark stayed out longer than they did. I on the other hand did neither and went to bed early. (I was told to call them that while they were here…)

Spring break in the virgins...

Our next ‘crew’ is Robert (our nephew) and his friend Cody – they are seniors in high school and both are 18. I thought they might like spring break in the Virgins. (BOY was I right…) That night we stayed in Red Hook at American Yacht Harbor Marina. We had HH and wonderful tacos at Amigos. Then we went back to the boat.

Cool racing boat

Here is another racing boat (anchored) – I believe this is a winner from one or more of the races last year.

Heineken Regatta

The racing season is about to start, there is the Heineken Regatta first then immediately after BVI Spring Regatta (out of Nanny Cay). The boat here is practicing.

We had time to have HH aboard Seaman’s Elixir

We had time to have HH aboard Seaman’s Elixir

New chain 'cheeks'

Drilling and taping stainless steel is not easy; Anne and I had to buy two new taps…
but the job is finally done...thanks Dave for a job well done.

Here are the shears…

Here are the shears…

Hand stitching is 'out' of style...

While Mark was off gallivanting with Miles Anne came to Silhouette and asked if I had a sewing machine. Well, we have one for sails (loaned out) but not one for curtains. I volunteered to hem them by hand. All the ladies in the office thought it was amazing that I could hem curtains by hand and did not mind doing so. Here is Judy with the final product behind her desk.

Nanny Cay

Next we went over to Nanny Cay to visit with our old friends Anne and Miles. We stayed in the marina for two nights and had a great visit. Here we are at their favorite Italian restaurant in Roadtown.

Walla – new winch installed.

Walla – new winch installed.

New winch...not to be confused with wench...

We purchased a new self-tailing winch for the main halyard. This means that I do not have to hold the line with one hand and crank the mainsail up with the other. We picked it up while Margrit and Heinz were aboard and Mark installed it a day or two after they left…yeah! This will make raising the main a BUNCH easier. Here he is greasing the post.

Equipment lessons...

Margrit and Heinz getting some chart and radar training as they are now too looking at boats to go cruising…guess we forgot to get a ‘goodbye’ photo. Margrit and Heinz left from the St. Thomas Yacht Club. Low and behold, they ran into Mr. and Mrs. Walters at the STYC just as they were leaving. Heinz worked for Mr. Walters at one time and tried to get in touch with him before they came to the Virgins but could not – go figure!

Breakfast Caribbean style

Breakfast Caribbean style

Snorkeling is glamorous

Don't let anyone tell you that snorkeling is glamorous!


Margrit and Chris...

Margrit and Chris...