Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Silhouette under sail at last...

When we were in Bequia I went to see about an internet question I had to the local office supply store on a Friday. The store was closed so I went to the bar on the other side to ask if the store had moved as it was middle of the day. I met a man (Brad) in the bar and we chatted he was on a charter boat. When I mentioned the name of our boat he said that it was the prettiest boat he ever saw I gave him a boat card and while we were in Bequia I received an email with 3 pictures he took of us under sail near Mayreau . These are the only ones we have under full sail. What a nice man and what a coincidence!

The adventure is over for Stephanie and Evan

The next day (11/27/09) the adventure was over and my first girl friend to come had to leave, oh and she took my ‘waterboy’ too. Evan took on the daunting task of washing down the anchor chain when we were retrieving the anchor. It was nice to have help with the heavier work as well and the sailing was fun.

Thanksgiving dinner at the Antigua Yacht Club

Then we had dinner at Antigua Yacht Club as it was too late to cook (tee, hee hee). We planned on cooking fish on the boat as Evan is mostly vegetarian (except for fish). Instead I got my favorite lamb chops – they were delicious.

Canon sitting in English Harbor

We took turns sitting on the canon in English Harbor on Thanksgiving Day and touring around the historic part of town.

We are anchored next to Nakita again

Our friends on Nakita are in Antigua as well – you saw an earlier picture of their two youngsters, Isabelle and Jake…this is their boat. Next time maybe I will get a picture of them! (Actually we have a pizza date tomorrow so hopefully I will a) remember the camera and b) remember to get it out and take their picture.

The gals under the palm tree.

The gals under the palm tree.

Friendly lizards

Stephanie found that if she tapped the sheet (or ground) they came right up and licked and nibbled her fingers. One even crawled onto my hand.

Lizards galore

While on Green Island we wanted to go to a little beach with a palm tree as it looked so inviting. I took a white sheet (easier to get the sand out) to sit on. Imagine our surprise when lizards galore came out of the surrounding area and seemed to be unafraid of people. Stephanie found that if she tapped the sheet (or ground) they came right up and licked and nibbled her fingers. One even crawled onto my hand.

aah vacation

Evan likes to read as well. One day they both brought out there books while I went below to do something…about 15 minutes later I was going to go out and join them but noticed that both were sound asleep. Then they disappeared into cabin and I had to wake them up for happy hour – ahh vacation.

Green Inland is a wonderful retreat

We sailed over to Green Island on the east coast of Antigua. It is a lovely deserted spot to swim, snorkel or just read.

Dancing under the stars

Stephanie and Even get into the mood with a little dancing under the stars.

Scenic hike in Shirley Heights

The four of us took a little hike to a scenic overview.

Shirley Heights is a must see in Antigua

Shirley Heights is the place to be on a Sunday night as they have a big barbeque, steel pan music and a view that is hard to beat. Our boat is anchored in the bay in the middle of this photo though it is hard to see.

Stephanie and Evan arrive

Stephanie and Evan arrive on Saturday the 21 – they shed the jeans very soon.

Outdoor oven for Carl

Hey Carl, we found your pizza / bread oven. Yes, the pizza was wonderful.

Local bar found

Next we sailed to Antigua where we were to meet our friends Stephanie and Evan for their Thanksgiving week visit. We found a ‘local’ bar soon after arrival and met some nice locals as well.


For some reason in the Caribbean rainbows (should they be called 'cloudbows?) appear in the clouds. This is the 6th or 7th time I have seen it happen and just had to get a picture.

Bourg Des Saintes from the boat

Here is a photo of Bourg Des Saintes from the boat. A really lovely place we probably will not revisit due to the language barrier…too bad.

Iles Des Saintes

Next we stopped in the Iles Des Saintes just north of Martinique. We were to check out of customs there but were told there that we did not need to. We were totally confused by then as we speak no French and these islands are very French.

A fishbowl for Dad

After offloading all the beer and wine we found a lovely place for lunch – look Dad, Mark got a ‘fishbowl’!

Restocking wine looks mostly like beer

One of the main reasons we stopped at Martinique was to re-stock wine. Mark was also looking specifically for a German beer (Konigsbacher Pils) and I was down to 3 lonely bottles of wine. Once the cart was loaded with 9 cases of beer, there was only room for 2 cases of wine. Rats!

Club Med in Martinique from a different view

Quite a few years ago (1978 and 1980 to be exact) I went to Club Med in Martinique….once with my then husband (David) then with my girlfriend Barb Reed. Both were a lot of fun. I never expected to be sailing by the same spot on my own sailboat. So this is Club Med from the water…my how times and life changes.

Mark plays Tom Sawyer...again

Mark was cleaning the side of the boat (while I cleaned the topside). This guy came by on this very patriotic dinghy trying to sell us fruit, vegetables and handmade baskets. Mark said no thanks but would he like to clean the boat hull which he did in short order. But when he was done he left….hmmm something wrong with this turn of events me thinks!

Marvin leaves St. Lucia

I had to get one last picture of Marvin and Mark in just before Marvin left.