Sunday, September 20, 2009

La Sajesse is secluded to say the least...

And this is where we are headed BACK to, La Sajesse for lunch, a swim and the beach. Boy that 15 minutes lasted a LONG time. Lunch was great and the shade was welcome.
I am surprised as I grocery shop (bus to the store on Fridays’) that many things are available, one just has to be a bit flexible and not really pine for potato chips too much. All for now.

A project for Mark when we are land-lubbers

This photo is for Mark. I finally found a project for him once we are land-bound, he loves working with metals. I have (previously) included pictures of projects for Dad and here is one for Mark....still looking for projects for others....perhaps Anitia (Marks' mom) will paint one of the lovely scenes....

A pretty lady and a nice house

A really pretty house along the way (Diane makes the photo better though).

Everybody has a goat or two

No lawnmower needed here as it is WAY too hilly, goat and weed eaters do the trick instead.

Need or want to marry in Grenada...

Not sure about this sign, but I bet a wedding here would be inexpensive and adventuresome.

Fresh papaya

Fresh papaya. We also had starfruit (lychee) which is not pictured but my personal favorite.

This is golden apple

This is golden apple...sort of tastes like jicama.

Girls day out in Grenada

Then one of the girls (Jane) planned a ‘girls day out’ to La Sajesse which is a very secluded beach east of where we are anchored (hog Island). Here are the girls before we took a 15 minute hike that lasted 2 hours.
I'm on the far left....wearing my new/old skirt purchased at Clotheshorse Anonymous. AFTER the hike I cut out the nylon lining...oh my gosh THAT was hot.

Shopping for the boat...

Earlier this week Diane asked if I would like to go to town (St, George) on Tuesday – darn right I would! Me in front of the fruit and spice market with the first cute guy I could find. We shopped for things like; a 5 gallon jerry jug for water, plumbing fittings for the anchor locker, sand paper for some varnish work that was needed. Then when we were ready to take the bus back school was out and there were a kazillion kids in line for the buses…and it looked like it was fixin’ to downpour. We scuttled off to the closest bar, no sooner did we get there than it started raining cats and dogs…whew! All in all we had a wonderful day.

Walking here is very 'hilly'

The ‘walkers’ – left to right Sunny, Diane, Cynthia, Manuela and me

100 feet of water line, ok mayve only 75...

For those of you who wonder what we do all day, take a close look at this picture. I have scotch bright pad in my left hand, a scrub brush and metal scraper in my right all tied to a tether. This day I spent 3 hours scrubbing the water line.

Happy 53rd birthday to Mark...

On Mark’s birthday they invited us over for a BBQ. There was enough food to feed an army, here Doug is cooking steaks, chops and chicken! We had a wonderful time…this has got to be Marks’ most unusual birthday in his 53 years. The next day there was a Rugby match on the telly so nothing would do but we had to watch. After all it was South Africa against New Zealand. (South Africa won but I am still not sure how or why other than the scoreboard said so!). Bob, you would be proud of me, all were dringking beer at 10AM...I stuck to water.

Ahhh, fresh coconut milk...

Chris and Diane with coconut milk…careful Diane, the juice runs down your chin when drunk the ‘island’ way.

...and we think our electrical panels are complex...

Mark and I introduced a fellow cruiser Diane (Jabulani) to the crew and she became one of the gang – oh, and she loves to walk in the mornings and has graciously included me in…can you say hills??? Here she is in the engine control room with Qubbis.

Made in Japan

Built in Japan the engines are Nigata.

Mega Engines

For our gear-head friends, this is one of 4 engines, 2000 hp.

South African friends (I stilll don't understand Rugby)

I flew back to Grenada on 9/1/09 (uneventful thank goodness since it took Mark 3 days) and was ever so glad to be home though I miss family and friends. A few days after arriving back Mark and took the dinghy over to purchase some gasoline. In the bar we met the crew (officers) of the Titanic all from South Africa….can you say party?. This is a 260 ft x-fishing boat that was purchased by someone in California. He is converting in into a luxury yacht. Left to right is Capt. Doug, Engineer Qubbis and First Officer Greg.

Into the Glass with some of the Texas 'girls'

Then on to Angie’s to sleep and hit all the doctors on Monday. Monday night (as luck would have it) Vicki was in town for Philadelphia so I got to see her again – girls left to right Angie, Chris Vicki and Mary.

(Notice the upper lip, for the first time I got a ‘not skin cancer’ result from my dermatologist!!!! YEAH, as I had Mohs surgery while I was in Ohio from the last time I went to see her…crap always on my face…)

Xerox 'gang' continued

Brian Dittman

Xerox 'gang' continued

Linda Burleson

Xerox 'gang' continued

Chris and Frank

Xerox 'gang'

Then on to catch up with some Xerox friends an gorge on Frank’s wonderful cooking, this time Tex-Mex. This is Amy and Marty

Next was Julia and Robert...

Then Julia and Robert (Mark’s sister and bro-in-law) were next. But, Julia did not make the picture, this is just Robert the Super Griller.

On to Deb's

The second night I spent with my wonderful (ya’ll getting tired of hearing that word?) friend Deb.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back in the 'Texas' saddle again

I left Ohio after almost 2 months and stopped in Kansas to help my Aunt Yvonne for 4 days then continued to Dallas for 5 days for visiting and doctor appointments. I stayed the first night with my friend May (far right) and MaryLou O’Brien joined us for lunch the next day.

And then there were four

And then there were four

My nephew Robert and the required ‘birthday cake’.

My nephew Robert and the required ‘birthday cake’.

60 years and counting backward now...

And then it was my (gulp) 60th birthday. Months earlier I called and told Sharon and Bob (sister and brother) that I would be in for my ‘surprise’ birthday party to be held on 8/22…as it was a Saturday (birthday is the 21st). I was not in the mood for a big party just after Mom passed away so we just went out to dinner at a nice place in Kent. This is another wonderful friend Debbie.

Me thanking Dad for a great ‘pancake’ dinner

Me thanking Dad for a great ‘pancake’ dinner

Potato Pancakes are the best...

Dad wanted to make potato pancakes (secret family recipe) and we did so in the garage. No, it was not raining, in fact the weather was gorgeous the whole time I was there. This keeps the ‘frying’ smell out of the house!

Dolly is a doll, and much more...

Last but not least my cousin Dolly Jean Hallaran was a god-send. She is a nurse and helped us in too many ways to even begin to mention. She cancelled a weekend trip to come stay with us at the very end of Mom’s life and I will be eternally grateful for her love and friendship. Sorry, but no photo...again.

Family and friends are the best.

There are others I want to mention here though I do not have corresponding photos. Many family and friends took the time to visit Mom and make her days brighter. Some of these folks are, June Walker, Debbie Reesing, Ruth Roviscane, Kay Barba, Evie Coughlin, Adriane Balli, Frank and Kendra Jozsa and Tom Hallaran to name a few. I am sorry if I missed naming names here. My long time friend Betty flew in from Colorado to be with me for the funeral. It made Mark feel so much better that she was with me when he could not be. Our dear friends Jim, Jan and Bobbie Leedham flew in from Omaha, California and Kansas respectively.

In loving memory of Mary Fathauer

It is with great sorrow we inform you of the passing of Mary Fathauer on 8/8/09. She is survived by her loving husband Bob (Robert) of 63 years, her daughters Sharon Fathauer Ebie (husband Carl), Christine Fathauer Lignoul (husband Mark), her son Bob Fathauer (wife Rose), and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. We rejoice in the memory of the wonderful way in which she touched us all.

She died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Brimfield, OH the evening of Saturday, August 8th. She was blessed to have all of her children present and a few close family members at her side.

Mary thoroughly enjoyed 88 years of life. She and her husband, Bob travelled to all 50 states. She was a Veteran of the US Army(Women's Army Corp), leader for Girl Scouts of America, active in her church, enjoyed reading, many home crafts and was an excellent cook. She organized many, family events, including re-unions, vacations, camp-outs and other activities to keep everyone together in the loving Fathauer tradition.

Mark does Dallas

Mark had to leave toward the end of July in order to be on the boat as hurricane season revved up. On his way back he stopped in Dallas and visited as many friends and family as he could in 5 short days. He took the computer and I kept the camera, this was sent via email – our wonderful neighbor Angie and her daughter Megan sent this one.

The five of us on the 4th of July

It was never my intention to document my Mom’s death on this blog, but how can I possibly leave out such a large part of my life not to mention huge influence on who I am.This is the last ‘family’ photo that I took of the five together.

Friends drive to Akron from Columbus for lunch.

Another wonderful friend Gay and her husband Chris drove up to Akron to met and have lunch.

Friends meet in the middle

My wonderful friend Vicki and her family recently moved to Philadelphia and we met for lunch one day…both driving ½ way. Carter is the shorter cute one.

My nephew (Adam) is a great cook and he took a turn making dinner for all…the best French Onion soup ever not to mention many other treats.

Nancy and Laura come for a visit

Our dear friends Nancy and Laura got a chance to stop for a short visit. These two friends moving to Mantua when I was in 4th grade two houses down from our home and have been fast friends since.

Chuck's cooking rocks

Mom’s nephew Chuck Magilavy came over and catered dinner one dight…it was quite a treat (not to mention delicious) – Ruben sandwiches with potato pancakes instead of bread….yum!

Ox Roast Fair time

We were in Ohio during the Ox Roast Fair which was started in the early 60’s and has become quite large. This time, Mark got to go with Bob and help dig up the cooked roasts.

To Ohio to say goodbye to Mom...

I flew to Ohio on 6/30 to join my wonderful brother and sister and help Mom and Dad. Mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May 2009. Mom had long ago decided that she wanted no hospital at the end and so we had hospice home care.

Perfect island attire

To my crochet friends – don’t I look wonderful in my beautiful shawl?

Dinner for three at Le Phare Bleu, Grenada

On our way down to Grenada we received the sad news that my Mom (Mary Fathauer) had incurable pancreatic cancer. We had time to go out to dinner with our good friend John.