Friday, December 14, 2012

V-berth a mess too - November 2012

This is the V-berth where I stowed all the settee cushions so that tools could take their place. needless to say I will be happy when the work is done and all the tools can go back to their rightful places.

The 'working' boat - November 2012

During all of the ongoing work all tools must be left out - this is the nav office and the work bench.

Hull damage too - November 2012

The side of the boat had too many scars and voids thanks again to Hurricane Irene.  Here is the funny thing…in Grenada we had to PAY 5K for insurance for 'hurricanes' and the boat had to be in a yard, in a hurricane cradle during hurricane season….in NC none of the above applies AND insurance went down to 2K AND we have had two hurricanes in two years…go figure.

SURPRISE, more hurricane damage - November 2012

Once we took the dinghy off the davits and put it in the water it began taking on water - drat!  So we flipped it over and SURPRISE more Hurricane Irene damage.  We found that something must have rubbed up against the bottom of the dinghy right through the fiberglass leaving a 10 inch slit to repair.  Good news is that Mark has had a LOT of practice repairing fiberglass.

Dinghy davits need repaired - November 2012

More damage from Hurricane Irene to the dinghy davits - still awaiting work…but first…we need to repair the dinghy

Emergency ladder cover - November 2012

The emergency ladder was a mess as well (since we originally had to put two together, one was not long enough) and the 2 plastic cases looked terrible.  Now, we have one neat canvas bag.

New hatch covers next - November 2012

I made 3 hatch covers (in gray) as light will filter through better than navy.

The life raft gets a new cover - November 2012

Then, the life raft gets a new cover - guess what happened to the last one…this one is better (of course) because it has a lanyard attached to the frame and the bungee cord is tight.

A new companionway cover - November 2012

I made a new companionway cover (lost the original during Hurricane Irene…now they are removed when we leave the boat - don't say we don't learn our lessons!

Forward head to get a face lift - November 2012

First things first..we rip out the overhead vinyl in the forward head to begin repairs (leaks need to be fixed here).

Sailrite sewing machine comes out - November 2012

Repairs begin - the Sailrite sewing machine comes out for the first time since we left in 2009.

Scratch marks on Herman Road - October 2012

You can see the scratch marks they left on the road after.  We leave and drive back to the boat to get it ready for the Bahamas.

Another joy ride - October 2012

Then when all is finished the guys take it for a ride…

Bob got into the fracas - October 2012

The next day Bob got into the fracas and helped (helped ALOT!) finish installing both the clutch and the transmission.

I am not a good grease monkey - October 2012

Mark had me under the car beating on the fly wheel (part of the clutch assembly) that would just NOT go on.  Then I asked James (nephew) for help and still could not get it on…rats.  Come to find out the darn thing was out of specs by 3 thousands of an inch.  That is a no go for metal to metal.  It was back to Summit Racing and the whole day wasted.

Joy ride - October 2012

We did get to take it for a little ride before it was up on the lifts again.

Trans Am gets a new tranny - October 2012

We take the car over to Bob and Rose's as the weather is getting colder and Dad and Sharon want their garages available - can't say as I blame them…scrapping ice is not fun. 

With the Trans Am still needing the transmission replaced 4 speed to 5 speed (oh, and since the tranny is out might as well replace the clutch assembly) it needs to be where it can stay in case of problems.

'Island' sun room - October 2012

Bob and Rose have redecorated their sun room and it now looks like an island room…their friend Ron did the ceiling artwork - it looks fabulous!

Garlic planting - September 2012


Dad always likes it when I come in the summer and in the fall because he has free labor in his garden - here we are getting ready to plant garlic which will be ready next July to harvest.

The Loft, my old stomping grounds - September 2012

Then, I convince everyone to go to one of our old haunts in downtown Kent - the Loft.  Believe it or not, it has not changed since I used to go there in the late 60's and 70's….

Our 16th anniversary - September 2012

In Ohio, we go out for our 16th wedding anniversary with the whole family - Dad (93….soon to be 94) Sharon, Bob, Rose, me, Mark and Carl.

Boat, PA to see Laura and Harve then Ohio - September 2012

We go back to the boat around mid-August.  We need to go visit Dad in Ohio and leave again in mid-September (and Mark wants to work on the Trans Am).  On our way we stop to see friends in Allentown, PA Laura and Havre McGarry - this is Havre and me. I did not get a picture of Laura - I have known Laura and her sister Nancy since I was in 4th grade…again I suck a pictures as this is it!

Mark sees his doctor in Willow Glen (near Allentown) and with some adjustments to his meds he has been having many more good days, in fact mostly good days!  Believe me we are excited about this turn of events.


Dave and Laura - August 2012

The groom and bride at the 'Cup'cake.  All I know is that I am glad that I was not the official photographer  cause I really did a poor job…shortly after the reception we return to the boat after only a month and a half delay but that is what retirement is all about right?  Next time I am packing more clothes and less tools!

And finally the bride - August 2012

And finally the bride, Laura with her Mom.

The four Lignoul siblings - August 2012

The four Lignoul siblings: Mark, Julia, Tim and Mary.

Tim and Adrienne - August 2012

Uncle Tim and Adrienne (Julia's youngest).

Mark and Robert - August 2012

Mark and Robert

Megan and Thomas - August 2012

Julia's oldest Megan and her friend Thomas.

Family Wedding - August 2012

The bride and groom (Laura and Dave - Julia's middle child) after 'pricing' formal weddings decided to fly to Hawaii, get married on the beach (no guests invited), take their honeymoon then come back to Dallas for a big party. Pictured here are Mark's niece Jamie, her husband Dave and son Mike. (I'll get to the bride, [Jamie's cousin] and groom soon…)

Back to Texas - August 2012

Back to Texas, I drive the Chrysler - Mark takes the Trans Am to Ohio, works on it for a week at Sharon and Carl's house then stores it at Bob and Rose's and takes a flight to Texas for our nieces wedding reception on 8/4/2012…whew!  Meanwhile I stay at Mary's again for two nights and she and Vicki and I get to have lunch at Houston's.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baking a pie - July 2012

Back in Shawnee, Aunt Yvonne and I hold down the fort and bake a pie (we do love to get into the kitchen).  I need to leave soon and travel to Dallas....

74 Trans Am 455 SD - July 2012

Here is the beauty - a 1974 Trans Am 455 SD (super duty for you non-car folks).

Muscle car takes Mark away early - July 2012


We liked this sign. While we were enjoying dinner at our pub, back at the house we were 'winning' an eBay bid for a muscle car (we lost one a few days prior on a different car). The bad news? Well, the guy who had it up for auction gave the 'winner' (in this case Mark) 72 hours to deliver the cash. It was FRIDAY for heavens sake and Mark had to be in Butler, PA early Monday to pay for the car, transfer the title, etc.. He flew out on Sunday.

Aunt Yvonne in Shawnee Kansas next - July 2012

Then we travel to Shawnee, KS to visit Aunt Yvonne - we get her out of the house and into our favorite pub Jake's Place (favorite in Shawnee we have many favorites in other places).

New grandbaby - July 2012


This may be one of the reasons they 'retired' from sailing…a first grandbaby!

Linda and Steve from Seaman's Elixir - July 2012

Next we drop about 4000 feet to Denver (Mark is now feeling much better) and visit cruising friends from Seaman's Elixir; Linda and Steve Kraskey.  They sold their boat and became CLOD's (Cruisers Living on Dirt). At the time they were looking to purchase land and a house somewhere in the mountains (now purchased), but here we are at dinner in downtown Denver.

Rain...I mean Jazz Festival - July 2012

There was a jazz festival in a park close by and some of us decided to go (Tim, Alan, Mary and me)…BIG mistake.  If you look in the background you can see why.  Even before the musicians began the rain started.  We took shelter at a welcome center for a while before we gave up.  Tim was our sacrificial lamb as he knew where he parked the car. 
I know you who have known Mark a long time are wondering exactly why he was not in the crowd…well, unfortunately he was suffering BIG TIME from altitude sickness…poor guy.

Winter Park with the Lignoul gang - July 2012

At dinner (again) this time in Winter Park with Mark's family Tim Lignoul, young Mike, (Mary and Tim's grandson) Mary Robinson, Chris, Alan Jones and just to make life interesting, Mary's husband's name is Tim as well. We visited for about 6 days - the weather was so nice compared to HOT Dallas.

Bert, Betty and Bea - July 2012

From Ellie and Bob's we travel to Eagle, CO where our friends Betty and Bert live, much to our delight Betty's Mom Bea was visiting as well…you may remember from prior posts that she lives in Utopia TX.

Theresa and Nathan - July 2012

Theresa and Nathan - Nathan is Ellie's oldest - it's been a long time since we have seen these two. (At their wedding about 8 years ago and before three children…)

The little ones arrive - July 2012


Here are Bob and Ellie with their 3 grandchildren, Cole, Aiden and Dillon…lastly is Ellie's friend Marie (they used to work together at Baxter.)

Gabe has a girlfriend - July 2012

Oh, and Gabe has a girlfriend Brittany. (I've since been told that this is now past-tense.)

A Gabe sighting - July 2012

Out for dinner but this time my Godson Gabe (Ben's twin brother) joins us much to my delight.

Souvenir photo - July 2012

For a small price Coors will take a souvenir photo - suckers born every minutes right?

Coors Brewery - July 2012

Next day we have to go to Coors Brewery…and even though it is a Friday we have to wait to get in…again, guess you know which ones are Ellie and Bob.

Home brewed beer - July 2012


Next door neighbor John is a primo beer maker and here he is showing off his 'cooler' full of kegs….and yes the beer was just great….not sure I have had better home brewed beer before.

The newlyweds return - July 2012

First we stop in Golden, CO to visit my college buddy Ellie and her hubby Bob.  We get there just in time to welcome home newlyweds Ben and his new wife Liz.  Ellie is the last on the right of the table….guess you can figure out the rest…Bob is taking the picture…one wonders why we did not get our server to do so….

Corvair for Dave - July 2012

Hey Dave - here is a Corvair for you - somewhere on the way to Colorado.

Where is Kathleen - July 2012

Chris and Kelly Kate - one would think that Mike and Bekki's other daughter, Kathleen is unloved but in reality she dives into a closet, behind a couch or under a blanket when a camera comes out…we like her too but just can't get he to stand still for a photo op much to our dismay.

Mike and Kelly Kate - July 2012

Mike and Kelly Kate