Thursday, November 8, 2012

December 'jacket' weather in NC - December 2011

Not too cold this December day - just jacket weather...


...and this is pretty much it for 2011 - I will be updating 2012 soon (probably in two parts...and for those who want to know we ARE planning on sailing south this season! YEAH! More on these plans in the 2012 updates... 

Patty's turn - December 2011

Patty grabs a plate in preparation of the feast...

Christmas Potluck - December 2011

Pot lucks are the name of the game in the cruising life - so this was our Christmas dinner for 2011.  Alan tucks into the offerings.

Groco rocks - November 2011

Then it was back to the boat and projects.  Here, Mark is rebuilding the Groco fresh water pump - first rebuild since we installed it in 2004 - Groco rocks!

Early Birthday for Dad - November 2011

Since Dad's birthday is in mid-December we celebrated a few weeks early so we could be there.  Sitting from left to right is Dad, Bob, Nancy, Seth, Sharon, Mark and Drew (Sharon and Carl's grandson - Nancy and Arden's youngin.)

The 'dudes' do dishes - November 2011

For fun I mentioned that since we did the cooking the 'dudes' could clean up and OMG they did - nice guys!

Carving the turkeys - November 2011

Seth (Seth is my Great-Nephew, Sharon's grandson) and Mark do the honors of carving the turkeys.

All the swim nuts - November 2011

But since I did not get them in the water all at once here they are back in the building warming their bottoms - Cody, Bob, Seth and Robert.  (Cody and Robert were the 'dudes' who spent their spring break with us in the Virgin Islands.)  Notice the girls are smarter and stayed clear.

Swim in November? Why not...

Then, it is time for the annual dip in the Cuyahoga River - here are two nutters...

Gang by the campfire - November 2011

Gang by the campfire

Candles - November 2011

Rose found that candles stored over the summer have rearranged molecules into very interesting shapes yet the still work.

Thanksgiving at the monastery - November 2011

Shortly thereafter we make a quick trip up to Ohio because my Dad wanted us to come for Thanksgiving at the monastery.  Pictured here inside the retreat building is sister Sharon and Dad.

3 Catalina's are a charm - November 2011

Mark finds a Catalina 22 in the boatyard and calls our friend David Hayslip (5 time national champion in Catalina 22 sailing).  Sold...David is now the proud owner of another boat - at last count he has 3!

Texas Flag needs to retire - November 2011

We returned to our boat and rescued our Texas Flag which weathered Hurricane Irene but was badly abused....earlier in the year we had to move Silhouette from Bridge Point Marine to Bridgeton Marina a mile north still on the Neuse River.

Metal Sculpture - November 2011

Then, Mark was looking at the old rusty satellite dish post in the side yard and wanted to turn it into a metal sculpture.  He discussed it with Bert and they began looking around for some scrap metal.  The only thing they found was small amount of barbed wire


The next morning, Bert was into town and found a shop with just the thing.  They measured the hoop on the post and found the perfect thing.  It was secured to the hoop with the barbed wire.  Bea was delighted with her new work of art.  The really cool thing?  Bea is a full-fledged member in good standing of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas meaning that she can trace her family roots in Texas back to 1836.  Some of us still believe it should be a Republic....


If any of you need a short getaway this place is awesome and friendly.  Check out  Leann and Anthony run this particular enterprise for 22 years.  I have been visiting the hill country since the early 80's and each time I go I wish I could stay longer!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More family, Dave and Judy - November 2011

Back at the ranch Betty's brother Dave and his wife Judy come for a visit.

As well as the washing machines...November 2011

As well as the washing machines...

The tractors old...November 2011

The tractors old...

The trees are magnificent - November 2011

The trees are magnificent

The Laurel Tree - November 2011

...and the surrounding grounds are a treat as well - the flowers are lovely.

Lunch...November 2011

Out for a lovely lunch at a very posh local restaurant called the Laurel Tree.  Besides everyone else we have Anthony and Mark in this picture. 

Out to stretch our legs...November 2011

Out to stretch our legs...

Utopia - November 2011

Then it was on to Utopia, TX for a visit.  Betty and Bert from Colorado were visiting Mom, Bea.  Leann (sister) took us for a long ride up into the hill country on the ranch visiting the bluebird nest boxes on the way.  Leann is driving with her Mom Bea riding shotgun, Bert is in the backseat and Chris and Betty in the 'Jump' seat at the very back.

Marble Falls, TX visit - November 2011

Later in the month we made a trip to Utopia Texas to join our friends from Colorado but on our way down we stopped off to see one of Mark's old school buddies, Scott Johnson...he did not make the picture her(since he took it) but he surprised us with inviting his folks to come over for a visit.  Mark had not seen them for years and me, never.  What sweet people...

Kathy lost her long fight with cancer earlier this year

She is greatly missed.  But on her birthday in August Marty

remembered her by sending out this message: 


"Because someone we love is in heaven, there's a little bit of

heaven in our home." 

This is her (on the left) at the Furlong lake house in 2010 with one of her MANY great friends Jana.

Xerox 'gang' - November 2011

This is my Xerox gang - we have been friends since the mid 80's and it is still fun to get together, (standing, left) is Brian Dittman who was our fearless leader back then, Gay Yarnell, me and Linda Burleson.  Seated Mr. Gay Yarnell (Chris) and Marty Lovorn.  A few could not attend (Tom Zipfel, Amy Hesselton and Kathy Furlong).

Dinner again - November 2011

Dinner again, this time with Robert and Julia Smith and Susan and Dave Fiorelli.

Sailor friends and Tex-Mex, doesn't get much better November 2011

Then, one day later we checked up on ex-sailors Mike and Suzanne Reaves (also from Lake Lewisville) and ex-cruisers.  We are still sorry that they got done cruising before we got started but I won't say that they are WAY older than us...


Mark and Rick - November 2011

Mark and Rick

Susan and me...November 2011

The next day we caught up with friends and sailors from Lake Lewisville - Rick and Susan Carnes -  this is Susan and me.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Chris and Pam - October 2011

Chris and Pam

Bosco and Mike - October 2011

Bosco & Mike

The gang gathers for music at the Smith's - October 2011

The gang from Dallas gathered at the Smith's for
a night of music and visiting - Robert and
Kathleen seated, Bosco standing left and
Mike to the right...

Thai dinner for 4 - September 2011

Looks like all we do is eat and drink....but seems like that is when I remember to get the camera out. The Banana Leaf in Dallas is one of our favorite places here we are with Robert & Julia.

Laurie and Chris - September 2011

A few days later I
met up with my friend Laurie

Dinner out - September 2011

Got a chance to have dinner with our friends Angie (our wonderful ex-next door neighbor) and John at one of our favorite restaurants.

Mark and Robert relaxin' September 2011

After a hiatus of almost a year I decided to get with the program and do an update...or two or three...when you do too many updates on one day BlogSpot thinks you are a virus & each update is tagged with a special weird number/letter combo you have to enter the update. We were visiting Dallas here and Mark got a 'smoking' jacket that belonged to his Uncle Fred...looking good huh?