Saturday, April 6, 2013


Mark drinking a beer while the autopilot is doing all the work…only as it should be.
We are in Marsh Harbor, Abacos, Bahamas and are planning on leaving for the states tomorrow.  All for now....

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Happy St. Paddy's Day - notice that the wine is green…

Deserted Island

On our way from Staniel Cay to Royal Island (near Spanish Wells) we stopped for the night near this deserted island at Norman Cay cut.  I am reminded of BC or Haggar the Horrible in the comics when I see an island like this…they always end up washed up on an island like this…with just one coconut tree…

Happy hour

This is the large folding table teak Dad and Mom made for Mark and I years ago - just wanted to show that it is still in use and beautiful.


Hard to tell but this is a shark swimming under the boat - sure glad I wasn't in the water

Here come the pigs

Here come the pigs

Carrots for pigs

I again stocked up on carrots before leaing Georgetown as we wantedto feed the pigs at Big Major near Staniel Cay.  I learned before that pigs have big teeth and I like having 10 fingers so tongs were in order.

Fish looses color

The interesting thing about Mahi-Mahi is that they lose their beautiful colors shortly after they are pulled from the water.  Perhaps other fish do the same but as you can see here this one is about 50% gray and soon was all gray.

He/she weighed in at 6 pounds - enough for two dinners.

He/she weighed in at 6 pounds - enough for two dinners.

Mark catches a fish!

Then next day we took off for Staniel Cay and Mark caught three Mahi-Mahi, two jumped the hook but not this one!

Henkell Trocken!

We discovered this wonderful champagne at Pussers at Sopers Hole on the night of our first cruising anniversary (3/9/2010) having dinner with friends Heinz and Margrit.  It was so good I have been on the look-out since.  Mark found some at a liquor store in Georgetown and purchase me a bottle.  As you can see from this picture I went back the next day a got a case…great price too!

Dinner with Frank and Rose from s/v Local Knowledge

We had dinner after the talent show at Chat n Chill with Frank and Rose.  These nice folks were involved in numerous activities - met them on the beach during morning Yoga.

Cruisers Regatta Georgetown style

During this time period the cruisers regatta was underway. This was tallent night. There was also a dinghy race, golf, a poker run, a scavenger hunt and many other activities.  Oh yes, and two races all done in just a week.  One race was around the island…the other one was around the marks.


Talent night was the one event we made it to after all the work was done.


Mark found some island artwork that he could not resist.  I have to say the dolphins are beautiful.  I justified it as we do very little in the way of souvenirs so one major one is cool.


Bingo - two weeks later we are back in business and can lift our anchor again!

New wiring and

New wiring and

New windlass motor

So a new windlass motor was ordered and installed.

We installed a new solenoid...

We installed a new solenoid electrical contactor which did not fix the problem.

Customs again

The next day I had to yet again go to customs, this time to pick drugs, mail and parts for the windlass which was now acting up.  Who was it that first said that cruising was just getting to fix you boat in exotic ports?  Seems like this was our year to do so in Georgetown.


I had company again on this trip that made it  fun Danny from m/v Akuna Matata who needed to pick up a package and Patti joined us just for fun.


Patti and me at the straw market.

Once we got done with the generator I met fellow cruisers Patti and Fred on Casa Mare'.  Patti and I had a girls day out, which usually means lunch, a stroll around town and a stop at the grocery store before heading back to the boat.  Oh, and plenty of laughs.

No picture of these good people

One thing I have not mentioned during all of this dilemma is the help we got from fellow cruisers, Nick, Stacy and Ethan on Night Music.  They were cruising on a Southern Cross 40 and had a Honda 2000I (gas powered  portable generator) that they used daily.  We put a call out on the cruisers net that we were in trouble and needed to borrow or rent a generator until ours got fixed.  Not only did they immediately volunteer the use of their generator but daily, Nick delivered and picked it up when we were done


I know there are a bunch of wonderful cruisers in the world but right now I think the crew of Night Music is right there at the top of the list.

Then Mark re-attaches the electrical 'stuff' at the panel.

Once this is done, we do a smoke test and the generator is working fine once again.

John wiggles the 500 pound unit...

John wiggles the 500 pound unit back into place while I give moral support.

In with the new

In with the new - we removed the bimini and used a block and tackle hung from the main boom to make the lowering job easier.

New electrical part

New electrical part

I wish I had taken a before picture.

Because did this space needed some heavy cleaning - think 13 years of not moving a diesel powered refrigerator.


Out with the old…

The old unit comes out and the electrical part is removed from the back of the unit.

And our number 1 helper, John.

And our number 1 helper, John arrives to help with the removal and the re-install.

Out come the tools…

Out come the tools…

Awaiting install

While awaiting install, we needed to keep the salt off.

New electrical half of the generator arrives.

The electrical half of the generator went kaput while we were in Georgetown.  We found that Reggie's Express could fly a new one in and we could pick it up at customs.  When we received the paperwork they added the local 45% up charge for a 'luxury item'.   Yikes!  When we took the paperwork to customs we naturally contested the up charge, stating that we needed the generator in order to raise and lower our anchor.  Fortunately, the real reason for the charge was they though it was a stand-alone generator (like a Honda 2000) and once they understood that it was part of our boat the charge was waived.

I met a lady from Dive Exuma (Tamara) who had a truck and she graciously offered to take me with her…made the trip fun, needless to say rather than taking a taxi.

Crevice corrosion strikes again

Crevice corrosion strikes again, this time we lost the shackle pin on the boom vang.

Yoga on the beach

I met Jim at Yoga on the beach.  I wanted one of his boat cards but he said he did not have any.  I told him to stop by and I would make some for him.  When we were working on them we found out he keeps his boat in the same marina as we do in new Bern, North Carolina.

 Small world

Chat & Chill friends….

We met these nice folks BUT they cater to 'rich and famous' clients and we had to sign a non-disclosure statement so we could at least show their picture…they sure were fun at the Chat and Chill.