Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last photo of 2009

And last but not least Chris and Cynthia on New Years Eve having a good time. Skinny Legs closes at 9:00 PM (which is after all what is called ‘Cruiser Midnight) so they brought around a free bottle of Champaign at about 8:30…then the table next to ours did not want theirs so…we got two, darn the luck. Fun was had by all.

Beautiful new scarf

Here I am wearing a beautiful scarf given to me by my dear friend Debbie Reesing for my 60th birthday.

Skinny Legs for NYE

We parted company shortly and the crew of Minx and Silhouette had reservations for four at Skinny Legs in Coral Bay. This of course is Mike and Mark.

Chris, Linda, Amanda and Cynthia.

Chris, Linda, Amanda and Cynthia.

Steve and Mark

Steve and Mark

New Years Eve begins aboard s/v Seamans Elixir

Then it was New Years Eve and Linda and Steve aboard s/v Seaman’s Elixir invited us over for an early happy hour to meet their daughter and son-in-law.

Christmas in the Caribbean...

John hosted Christmas dinner with everyone pitching in with side dishes. Darn the luck the leftovers were few and so John got them all as he is the only single-hander in the dinner group.

Miles and Anne aboard s/v Karina come to visit

On Christmas Day our old friends Miles and Anne aboard s/v Karina come for a quick visit. They hadn’t seen most of the refit we completed and were anxious to visit. They could not stay long as they had to get back to Nanny Cay and (look out I am getting ready to use a 4 letter word...you might want to close your eyes) WORK.

The girls, Amanda, Cynthia and me.

The girls, Amanda, Cynthia and me.

The good seat...

Kevin got the good seat – not.

John, Mark and Mike.

John, Mark and Mike.

We met s/v Solstice

Then it was happy hour aboard new friends boat, Amanda and Kevin on s/v Solstice. This is Amanda and Cynthia.

Bubbly for the worker bees

After we finished Cynthia and I celebrated with a little of the bubbly.

A break from baking...

Right in the middle of ‘cookie baking day, the skipper decided he wanted to move so two days later we finished off the task…this shows the remnants of decorating the cutout cookies and you can see the tree in the background.

Even the outside got some lights

The outside looked really festive with just a few minutes work.

Decorating a boat for Christmas is easy

I decorated the boat with lights an a mini tree (not up yet).

Christmas cookies on a boat...why not?

Then it was time to make some Christmas cookies. Only three kinds this year, Russian Teacakes, cutout sugar cookies and Chocolate biscotti baked only once due to customer requirements – Mark and Cynthia like soft cookies. Here we are working on the teacakes

Mike lounging

Mike lounging

Cynthia and Chris

Cynthia and Chris

Guitar Hero

We went over to s/v Sojourn (John Hromadka’s boat) for happy hour one night once we got to the Virgins – we were on St. John. Mark is playing the air guitar…guess that’s the older way of playing guitar hero.

French garbage dump...hmmm

I was kind of shocked to see a garbage dump right on the water front on the French side…the Dutch side was all mega yachts and well kept…hmmm.

French St. Martin

I took the dinghy over to the French side of St. Martin for a peak and found expensive shops on the waterfront….mostly bikinis I was too embarrassed to wear in my 20’s and wouldn’t dare wear in my 60’s.

Dinner with s/v Minx

We met up with friends from s/v Minx, Cynthia and Mike and went out for ribs in St Martin.

How can this HAPPEN?

Another catastrophic failure – our faithful cork screw broke. Mark calls this ‘crevice corrosion’ and it can happen to any kind of metal…surely it wasn’t from over use…

Dutch St. Martin

We had a catastrophic failure with our old digital camera and so do not have any photos to add to the blog after Antigua…in St. Martin we found and purchased a new one – yeah back in business!

We found a nice place for dinner in St Martin one evening but I’ll be darned if I can remember the name now. I could get off my butt and dig the cruising guide out of the bilge and look it up but it is 5:00 AM and I don’t feel like it