Saturday, November 14, 2015

s/v Silhouette

Leaving Silhouette slowly …the end of our adventure.  Amazingly we were rarely frightened, found no pirates, only had a few near misses and will remember all the people and places for the rest of our lives!

 It is back to Dallas for us....this is the end of our Blog.  Mark and Chris

Chris and Mark

…in Key West – at almost the beginning of the adventure…

Chris leaving Silhouette slowly...

This has been an absolutely wonderful time in our lives.  We accomplished many things while owning Silhouette.  We learned how to be a master cabinet maker and an expert varnisher.  We used many skills we already had and got really good at others.  We were very lucky to have had this experience and have many family and friends who help us along the way. 
Thanks to all…leaving s/v Silhouette slowly.


Saying goodbye to dock friends

Karen, Kathleen, Chris and Mike – Kathleen and Mike have been around the world and now too are selling their beautiful boat; Content.

Saying goodbye to dock friends

Karen, Jim and Chris


The waterline has come up a bit

Looks like a couple of inches at least.

Leave taking 8/11/2015...

Chris exits Silhouette for the last time…

Trailer organizers

Here I have a beer in my hand – that was the official sign that the trailer was packed!

The ‘Movers’

…on Moving Day


Moving day

…boxes in the cockpit

Moving Day…breakfast in a glass

Friends from the next dock over came to see Silhouette after most of the packing was done (not at her best) and volunteered to help.  At first I said no, then I changed my mind and said we could use help at the top of the dock with loading the trailer. 

AND Joanne made Bloody Mary’s!


Moving day

boxes in the main salon...

Moving day

…boxes in the Nav Office


Chris’ last night on Silhouette…

what a beautiful boat we made…


Karen and I arrived on 8/6/2015 and started packing the next day.  By 8/9 we are done.  The helpers are coming the next morning at 9:00, we are to pick up the U-Haul trailer at 8:00.

This is the only photo I have of the head and shower remodel – does not quite do it justice with all the packed boxes stacked there.

Mike – the godsend!

Again, what would we do without friends!


s/v Silhouette sells…

Then – OMG – we sell s/v Silhouette.  The closing date is 8/6/2015, but I have radiation ending on 7/17 and need a follow up with the surgeon two weeks later. 

It was long ago decided that Mark would not help with the move as his disorder (Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis for those who would like to know) becomes very annoying under stressful times.  So…without knowing it would sell when we left he said goodbye on 4/28/2015…

Fir and feathers fly with all kinds of plans on how to accomplish the move but friends Karen and Jack come to the rescue (again).

Karen and Chris drive their 1 ton truck from Texas to Brunswick, GA arriving on the day Silhouette belongs to the new owners 8/6/2015.  Meanwhile, one of the air conditioners on Silhouette gives up the ghost to the tune of $4500 – one last kick in the butt.  But the new unit does not run either.

Friend Mike of s/v Content comes to the rescue (what would we do without friends?).  The last thing we try is removing the inlet hose (from the thru hull to the water pump that is supposed to be cooling the air conditioner).  A picture is worth a thousand words…

Rose comes for a visit

So this is Rosalie – part of the Broken Bow gang.  She has been my special friend since she was 3 years old.  She has been doing missionary work in Africa, came back for a visit and is now back in Africa.

Pictured here (L to R) – Roses’ niece, Rose, Mary, Mitch, Susan, Dave, Mike and Mark – guess who is taking the picture – again.


Mike, Mark and Bosco,

Three nice guys hanging out…as they have done for about 50 years…


Fourth of July pool party…

Not sure what happened to the interim months but we finished the forward head on Silhouette – and it is gorgeous.  But alas no photos were taken by me.  We travel to Texas to attend a wedding and find out I have breast cancer.  So we end up staying longer than anticipated.

Mike has a pool party for the Fourth of July.  Pam, Bosco and Mike in this shot.


Robert, Nikki, Rose and Chris…

Dinner at Bob and Roses' before Robert and Nikki take off for the frozen north…


Dwight and Alan visit

Dwight (he was a dock mate from our stay in New Bern, NC) was in Florida visiting his friend Alan – they came over for dinner much to our delight.  We like making new friends!  Dad and Mark are in the photo too, but you should recognize them by now – Dwight is on the left and that leaves….


Nikki and Sharon in the pool…

Nikki and Sharon in the pool…

Oh, did I mention that the Cape Coral house has a swimming pool with a solar panel to warm the water.  Still a bit chilly for me in on 2/1/2015 but Robert and Nikki came down from Ohio for a visit and Sharon and Nikki were game.


Gator alert…

After our ride we went gator hunting (as we really did not see any on our ride).  We saw plenty of them along the road we took – this was one big beauty.


Raccoons scammin’

We stopped to see some raccoons who stopped to see us as well – it is apparent that someone must feed them (though it is against the rules) as they were pretty bold.


Air boat ride

Friends Jack and Karen come to Florida for a visit and we drive down to Everglades City for the day.  We all wanted to take a ride on an air boat.  

When the driver said he was stopping to put on a rain jacket and did we want one…at first we said no…then I thought about it a few seconds and decided that he (not us) would know the weather best.  Boy, was he right, we donned ponchos and a few minutes later there was a downpour…it did not last long but we would have been soaked to the skin.


Mark on the riding lawnmower.

So while in Florida at the ‘Cape Coral’ house as we refer to the house Mark and I rent we do various chores that need to be done.  The grass does not grow much but a few times during our winter hiatus Mark gets to use the riding lawnmower and at least trim the taller grass.


Family Photo

Later that day we snapped a family photo of the gang at Bob and Roses home in Punta Gorda.


Dad in the kitchen

I caught Dad in the kitchen, I believe he was making his beloved Potato Salad. Unlike most men his age he has enjoyed cooking most of his life.

When I was a kid he took over the bread baking (from Mom when she said she did not have the strength to kneed 9 loaves) every Sunday morning.


Florida for the winter…

Then it is off to Cape Coral Florida for the winter.  First things first since it is December 23 it is time to bake cookies.  Sharon and Rose come over to help.


The finished product…

Old and new – another project is completed…finally.


One last router job.

Then Mark finishes the engine room door with routing the edges – the last of many, many router tasks performed over the years.

Mark refinishes the engine room door.

Another task that has waited while we cruised is the engine room door. The Formica has been stored for quite some time under the v-berth bunk.  Here Mark is applying a little muscle to the gluing process.


Chris’ Final Varnish job on Silhouette

Almost 11 years after we purchase s/v Silhouette nee’ Scorpio I finish varnishing the trim that has waited to be done since before we took off cruising on 3/9/2009.  Whew!  It is (with hindsight) a very bittersweet moment.

Leaving Silhouette slowly…

No photo here:

So…even though there are still projects undone we put Silhouette on the market 10/09/2014 – ironically exactly 5 years and 7 months to the day we took off cruising – 03/09/2009.