Sunday, March 30, 2014

A real bumpy ride…what…on the ICW, how unexpected

A little later we had a tricky passage (this is a copy of the area in Active Captain) and boy did we get bounced around.  It is kind of hard to see but the ICW route takes you out toward the Atlantic around all the yellow marks that are a bit higher than mid photo.  Then ducks back in toward Jekyll Creek and Island

The real scary part was that we had to stay within the confines of the ICW which was narrow at best and shallow - we saw 8 foot seas on the beam which caused Silhouette to roll 30 degrees port and starboard…the crew was really hanging on tight.

We had things below relocated (ie: cutting boards, baskets of glasses) that have not EVER moved during all of our sailing adventures.

It would have been OK in anything other than 20-25 knot winds out of the NE.  Don't try this trick at home.

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